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The mission of the World Kindness Movement (WKM) is to inspire individuals and connects nations to create a kinder world. The WKM encourage and support individuals, communities, cities and nations to establish independent kindness movements to join the World Kindness Movement to see a kinder world realised in our lifetime.

The objectives of the Movement are:

  • To raise awareness of the World Kindness Movement
  • To share ideas and experiences of kindness programmes in different countries; and
  • To increase international membership and to provide opportunities for members to network and collaborate among themselves.

Join The Campaign for a Kinder World

What it Means to be a Member of The World Kindness Movement:
All members have the responsibility of organising activities related to kindness within their community through their organisation and plan activities for World Kindness Day on the 13th of November each year. At present, membership is free of charge.

A registered Not for Profit / Non Government Organisation or Government Agency  with the primary purpose dedicated to promoting kindness can be eligible to become a member. Obligations include organising events for World Kindness Day (13 November) and attending the international General Assembly (AGM) which are convened every 2 years. Any member can be invited by the International Council to participate in WKM committees.

WKM Executive Member
Where an eligible current member has been nominated and elected at a General Assembly to participate on the WKM International Council which meets a minimum of 4 times per year (3 x online and 1 x face to face per year) Executive members participate on and or Chair committees;

(a)          The Membership Committee: shall be responsible for the active recruitment of new members, researching and verifying the suitability of candidates and correspondence.

(b)         The Finance Committee shall be responsible for the financial governance of the WKM.

(c)           The Communications Committee: shall be responsible for producing an annual publication and other information dissemination with  highlights of the WKM member activities, media projection and anything deemed related to kindness to showcase the accomplishments of the WKM.

(d)          General Assembly Committee: Shall assist in screening and selection of potential host Countries for the General Assembly. Shall be responsible for organizing, inspection and assessment of the venue for the General Assembly in conjunction with the host Country to ensure hitch free hosting.

(e)          World Kindness Cities Committee: Shall be responsible for assessing, screening and selection of Cites that have satisfied the criteria for becoming World Kindness Cities.

(f)           Award Committee: shall be responsible for selection of deserving individuals, cities and nations nominees for an International Award on kindness.

(g)          Strategic Planning Committee: shall be responsible for effective project planning and strategies that will enhance the spread of kindness.

(h)          Governance Committee: shall be responsible for ensuring strict compliance with the rules and regulations of the organization.


Receive Endorsement as a Peak National Kindness Body
The WKM International Council can provide endorsement of a member as the peak national kindness body which are established specifically with the intention to be a platform for engaging collaboration from all sectors of the community and represent the nation at international events to serve as the conduit to their government for WKM. Application for official endorsement is made to the International Council and can take up to 12 months. WKM will assist and provide guidelines to establishing this body which remains independent from WKM. Traditionally these bodies are registered as World Kindness (insert name of country) and  have a diverse board of up to 9 non executive directors and founding members representing all sectors of the community including Government – Business – Education – Media – Sport – Hospitality/Tourism – Health – Community – Arts & Kindness Organisation/s


Membership Benefits:

  • Members will network and be linked up with other WKM members and will receive Publications (eg newsletters, brochures, etc) produced by WKM and or its members.
  • Listing on the WKM Website.
  • Use of the WKM logo. (Subject to strict guidelines)
  • Support and advice from the Secretariat on forming a Kindness organisation and or campaign.
  • Access to WKM members database and material and programs for kindness activities.
  • Invitations to participate in or host international events.
  • Invitations to present at international events.
  • Assistance in making representations to engage governments and other key stakeholders.
  • Invitations to participate on WKM Committees.

Instructions on Filling in the Application Form:

  • The head of the organisation (President, Executive Director) should sign the application form.
  • The application nominates a contact person of the organisation who will be the contact point between the WKM and the organisation.
  • The application will provide two written and signed references Public Government (Mayor or Councillor Government official School Principle and private Company or individual) Please provide contact numbers, email and website for your organisation and that of your referees for the membership committee to validate.
  • The application will provide current registration documentation of the organisation from the countries statutory authority.

The responsibilities of the applicant include the following:

  • Develop and implement kindness programmes and activities in your organisation which support the mission of the World Kindness Movement.
  • If planning to officially register a NFP or NGO applicants can still apply and for membership will be listed as pending subject to providing proof of registration.
  • Maintain a register of all participating members in the organisation and a list of all your organisation’s kindness programmes and activities.
  • Provide a brief annual progress report to the World Kindness Movement
  • Copy any newsletters and updates to the Secretariat including ideas for participation and promotion of global initiatives.

The completed form is to be returned to:
The World Kindness Movement Secretary General,

WKM Membership Form

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