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Our US members are incredibly active and doing amazing work in the field of kindness. They will make you feel welcome and span across the US from New York to San Diego and from Denver to Cleveland and Phoenix to San Francisco to Los Angeles making them a “A must visit” when you are in town. All inquiries to join the peak national body please contact

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World Kindness USA  Member since September 3 2017

Status: Member
World Kindness USA  | 20434 S Santa Fe Ave | Long Beach California 90810 United States of America
Inquiries Chief Engagement Officer
Ms Cam Vuksinich
Media Ms Megan Sneddon
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The Courage To Be Kind
World Kindness USA is  recognized and unanimously received from the International Council, international endorsement as the Peak US National Kindness Body on the 13th of December 2017.

World Kindness USA whilst maintaining its independence will support members to meet the KPIs (Kindness Performance Indicators) regardless of their primary purpose allowing them to collaborate in the sharing of ideas, programs and strategies to place Kindness firmly on the national agenda .

World Kindness USA is a registered Not For Profit and a full member of the World Kindness Movement, the peak global body, following a unanimous resolution by international delegates at the 9th General Assembly in Seoul on the 3rd of September 2017.

Things You Should Know About World Kindness USA;

World Kindness USA has no Political or Religious affiliations.
World Kindness USA will support the overarching endeavours of the World Kindness Movement. World Kindness USA will not seek nor accept donations or apply for grants, it will be independently funded through a sustainable business model designed to support, promote and work with the goodwill initiatives for all to create positive change.
World Kindness USA is not a governing body, it is a platform for national collaboration designed to encourage and support all sectors of our communities to engage in the global campaign for a kinder world. World Kindness USA ’s membership base is not specifically for Kindness organisations as it seeks engagement with Cities, Government, Business, Education, NFP Community Groups, Peak Association Bodies and Individuals. Membership to World Kindness USA is not based on members receiving or expecting benefits of membership, rather allowing others to contribute to provide a value add to the campaign for a kinder world. 

Other Organizations


    Ms Brooke Jones
    Vice President
    Status: Founding Member since 1997
    Founding Member
    Random Acts Of Kindness
    1727 Tremont pl.  Denver | co 80202 USA
    T: (303) 297-1964 |

    RAK is an original Founding Member of WKM joining in 1997 and a leader in developing Kindness Curriculum. A self funded non for profit who in 2016 participated in the US Mayors Conference with the Dalai Lama and Lady Gaga.


    Ms Marcia Meyer
    Status Former Executive Member since 2012
    Former Executive Member
    The Be Kind People Project
    10869 N. Scottsdale Road | Suite 103-254 Scottsdale | AZ 85254 USA
    M: 1 480 290 6547 |

    An incredible active not for profit with 2 school buses touring the country with the Be Kind Crew performing for thousands of students expressing kindness and delivering the message of kindness through dance. Be Kind People Project Founder, Marcia Meyer was elected to the WKM International Council after attending the 7th General Assembly in London in 2012.


    Ms Orly Wahba

    Status: Member since 2012

    LifeVest Inside Former Executive Member
    2101 Ocean Pkwy Brooklyn | NY 11223 USA
    T: 1 347 292 9584 | M: 1917 746 8032 | Skype: orlyw1 |
    Life Vest Inside is a non-profit dedicated to empowering the masses to engage in acts of love and kindness.
     Formed in 2011 and attending the General Assembly in 2012 to present a global activity of a “Dance for Kindness” Life Vest is an active member. Elected to the WKM executive LV Founder Orly Wahba attended the International Council Meeting in Hong Kong 2013. Orly is an educator, entrepreneur, and community activist passionate about inspiring and motivating people to be the best that they can be.



    Ms Jill McManigal
    Executive Director | Co Founder
    Status  Former Executive Member since 2014

    Kids for Peace
    1302 Pine Avenue | Carlsbad California
    T:  760.730.3320 | M: 760.846.0608 |

    Kids for Peace joined WKM in 2014 attending the 8th General Assembly in Sydney Australia where two US Youth delegates were appointed to the WKM Youth International Council. Kids for Peace extend their message of peace to Kenya and Pakistan and created The Great Kindness Challenge where schools sign up to be Schools of Kindness.


    Mr Jacob Cramer
    Executive Director | Founder

    Status Member since 2016

    Love For The Elderly
    PO Box 24248 | Cleveland OH 44124
    Tel: (216)-269-0274
    T:  215 269.0274.3320 |

    Founded in December of 2013 by high-school student Jacob Cramer, Love For The Elderly is an organization whose mission is as simple as striving to provide “love for the elderly!” Cramer had always been passionate about giving back and helping others. He eagerly wanted to make a difference, and began thinking of what he could do to touch the lives of the elderly, a group which he felt could greatly benefit from additional tender, loving kindness. 



    Tristaca McCray
    Executive Director

    Status: Member Since 2017
    San Diego
    Tel +1 619-638-9606

    NERDS RULE INC. is a 2016 White House Award Winning Nonprofit that gives communities. youth, teens and young adults in the United States and around the world a healthy start and the opportunity to learn and become effective leaders. NERDS RULE INC. creative programs and projects promote social, economic change that target a variety of global change using the Sustainable Development Goals.

    We have taken the examples to the World Kindness Movement and applied it to a lot of our programs in the community and in schools. We are excited that more individuals are starting to realize how we can create change with kindness. As we continue to grow Internationally we want to also share the vision of World Kindness to our International partners.

    NERDS RULE INC. is currently involved with a variety of schools and different programs. We are building relationships. We now have 13 International Partners around the world creating change for youth, teens and young adults. Programs for Women’s Rights, Suicide. Bullying and Domestic Violence Prevention addressed through kindness.


    Ms Jaclyn Lindsey
    Co Founder

    Status Member  Since 2017

    Bond Collective Gowanus, 68 3rd St | Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA
    E: | launched in October 2016 with the mission to inspire and educate people to choose kindness. We’re a small team who came together from London, New York, and beyond to answer the question: How would our world transform if each of us put kindness front and center in our lives? We’re a digital platform designed to reach across oceans and time zones to inspire small ripples of everyday compassion. We listen to our community, combining scientific curiosity with a willingness to nimbly put new ideas into practice. We believe that together, our ripples of kindness can create massive waves of change. We also believe that kindness transcends difference, and strive to be an inclusive, unbiased organization that is accessible by all.

    The campaign includes raising awareness about our mission and research, partnering with and supporting others who have similar campaign missions, and sharing ideas and experiences with those in the World Kindness Movement. More details about our organization can be found in our activities and goals described below: started our work in 2017 focused on these three goals:

    1. Study and understand the effects of kindness (in our very own kindlab)

    2. Scale into established communities and continue growing and connecting a global community .

    3. Continue to build ourselves as the trusted source for all things kindness

    Dr David Fryburg

    Status: Member since 2017

    Envision Kindness
    Address 14 Alexander Drive, East Lyme, Connecticut
    Zip Code  06333  Country  USA
    Website Address
    Email Address
    T: +1 8606913036| M/Cell: +1 860-326-1384

    Envision Kindness is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote kindness, compassion, and empathy through the use of images.  We focus on sharing imagery of diverse acts of kindness with the growing public to activate the innate capacity for kindness and altruism.  Envision also run programs to create those images.  We were incorporated in 2014.

    Current & Future Activities of Organisation:
    A majority of the organisation’s efforts go into new and creative methods to engage viewers and the general public.  Most of our programs center on the generation of new types of images depicting kindness and related concepts.  We are about to launch a national/international photography contest.  We also run a research program to better understand how images of kindness impact people.  Our results to date have been very interesting.


    Founder, President
    Status: Member since Sept 3rd 2017
    P.O.BOX 426
    Burlington, MA 01803
    +1 781 339 234 1960

    Background of Organisation:
    More than 10 years ago, as the recession was beginning to hit in the U.S., Joyce Deliyiannis decided to combine her two passions: styling hair and helping others. She came up with an idea: to help people who had become unemployed due to the economic crisis by giving them free haircuts. So put her plan into action. She witnessed first-hand the toll the bad economy was taking on her clients. Week after week, clients were cancelling because they could not afford the luxury. Losing a job can be demoralizing. A new haircut is a start towards helping them feel better about themselves. She has given more than 4500 haircuts to date. This one simple act of giving has taken off, inspiring others to also give back. And soon led Joyce to found HELPIS: a social network that promotes and encourages kind and charitable deeds.

    Current & Future Activities of Organisation:
    HELPIS is involved with a number of initiatives in partnership with Boston-area human services organizations, which are all geared towards helping people in need. A few of examples of this include:

    Boston Healthcare for the Homeless:

    • Providing free haircuts for children and families
    • Christmas gift drive
    • Diaper and baby supplies drive

    Lynn Shelter Association:

    • Providing free haircuts for children and families
    • Christmas gift drive
    • Back-to-school supplies drive

    Old Colony YMCA/Big Brothers Big Sisters

    • Providing HELPIS Month of May Scholarships to low-income young adults who are headed to college
    • Providing monthly Red Sox baseball tickets to mentors and mentees

    Various Foster Care Children’s Organizations

    • Love & Support bags for when children are removed from their homes to provide comfort and a little bit of security
    • Christmas gift drive
    • Support various children with extracurricular lessons and other support as needed

    This is just a sampling of the ongoing work we’re doing. We also work with businesses to help connect them with those in need. For example, the Boston Burlington Marriott was in the process of divesting themselves of all of their gently used bedding and linen. We delivered thousands of pieces of bedding to individuals and homeless shelters around the eastern part of Massachusetts.

    In 2016, we were honoured to have the Month of May official recognized in the state of Massachusetts as the Month of Kindness and Generosity, which was a dream of founder. ( We are in the process of working with other organizations and individuals to continue to spread the word and make this a national movement.

    Our Strategic Plan

    In addition to the numerous activities and programs that we’re working on, we want to inspire others to give back when they’re able. There are so many people in need and there are so many people who want to give, but just aren’t sure where to start. Things that seem as mundane as a haircut, a ride to a job interview, old books, kitchen utensils – these could mean the world to someone in need. Start small and locally. There are people in need in every community and more often than not there is someone willing to help just around the corner. We want to help connect like-minded people who are willing to help and support giving, kindness, and generosity locally and globally.

    We want to continue to spread the message of kindness with the promotion of the Month of May in recognition of good work that people are doing each day, but aren’t normally recognized for. There is so much bad in the world that we hear about daily. We want to spread the good.

    What we contribute to the global initiative.

    We have quite a large following on social media from people across the United States and all over the world. We can help spread the word about the global initiative across all of our networks. We would love to be part of a broader, global initiative in order to learn from each other, develop collectively and individually, and grow this movement as a whole.