USA Kindness Organisations

Our US members are incredibly active and doing amazing work in the field of kindness. They will make you feel welcome and span across the US from New York to San Diego and from Denver to Cleveland and Phoenix to San Francisco making them a “A must visit” when you are in town.

Contact Details

Mr Will Glennon

Global Classroom Connection
713 Euclid Avenue Berkeley | CA 94708 USA
T: 1 510 717 9418 | M: 61 488 236 148 | Skype: will.glennon

The Global Classroom Connection began operations in March of 2003 and is currently in the midst of a three-year process of piloting its software and administrative systems. The initial geographic focus during the first year of the pilot program was concentrated in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China and the United States, expanding this year to include The Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. However, volunteer classrooms from other parts of the world can be included in the coming years of the pilot program. Interested teachers should contact us at

Other Organizations


    Ms Orly Wahba
    Former Executive Member

    LifeVest Inside
    2101 Ocean Pkwy Brooklyn | NY 11223 USA
    T: 1 347 292 9584 | M: 1917 746 8032 | Skype: orlyw1 |
    Life Vest Inside is a non-profit dedicated to empowering the masses to engage in acts of love and kindness.
     Formed in 2011 and attending the General Assembly in 2012 to present a global activity of a “Dance for Kindness” Life Vest is an active member. Elected to the WKM executive LV Founder Orly Wahba attended the International Council Meeting in Hong Kong 2013. Orly is an educator, entrepreneur, and community activist passionate about inspiring and motivating people to be the best that they can be.


    Ms Brooke Jones
    Vice President
    Founding Member
    Random Acts Of Kindness
    1727 Tremont pl.  Denver | co 80202 USA
    T: (303) 297-1964 |

    RAK is an original Founding Member of WKM joining in 1997 and a leader in developing Kindness Curriculum. A self funded non for profit who in 2016 participated in the US Mayors Conference with the Dalai Lama and Lady Gaga.


    Ms Marcia Meyer
    Former Executive Member
    The Be Kind People Project
    10869 N. Scottsdale Road | Suite 103-254 Scottsdale | AZ 85254 USA
    M: 1 480 290 6547 |

    An incredible active not for profit with 2 school buses touring the country with the Be Kind Crew performing for thousands of students expressing kindness and delivering the message of kindness through dance. Be Kind People Project Founder, Marcia Meyer was elected to the WKM International Council after attending the 7th General Assembly in London in 2012.


    Ms Jill McManigal
    Executive Director | Co Founder
    Membership Pending
    Kids for Peace
    1302 Pine Avenue | Carlsbad California
    T:  760.730.3320 | M: 760.846.0608 |

    Kids for Peace joined WKM in 2014 attending the 8th General Assembly in Sydney Australia where two US Youth delegates were appointed to the WKM Youth International Council. Kids for Peace extend their message of peace to Kenya and Pakistan and created The Great Kindness Challenge where schools sign up to be Schools of Kindness.


    Mr Jacob Cramer
    Executive Director | Founder

    Love For The Elderly
    PO Box 24248 | Cleveland OH 44124
    Tel: (216)-269-0274

    Founded in December of 2013 by high-school student Jacob Cramer, Love For The Elderly is an organization whose mission is as simple as striving to provide “love for the elderly!” Cramer had always been passionate about giving back and helping others. He eagerly wanted to make a difference, and began thinking of what he could do to touch the lives of the elderly, a group which he felt could greatly benefit from additional tender, loving kindness. 

    T:  215 269.0274.3320 | |