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The Kindness Foundation of Canada is a registered non-profit B.C. Society whose mission is to inspire human connection and activate the practice of kindness locally and globally, to create a kind world one kind act at a time.

The Kindness Foundation was co-founded in 1998 by Brock Tully and Nadine Marshall and began as a Vancouver based random-acts-of-kindness street campaign. Brock, Nadine and their growing team were later joined by Abbotsford’s Kindness is Cool team and the Victoria Kindness Group to form the KindActs Network Association of B.C. After a decade of growth and successfully spreading kindness initiatives across the country and around the world KindActs formally changed its name in 2008 to the Kindness Foundation of Canada.

The current initiatives of the Kindness Foundation include an annual Scholarship in honour of Nadine Marshall (now retired from the Foundation), as well as an expanding series of Kindness Counts ToolKits, including:

- Kindness Counts at School
- Kindness Counts at Home
- Kindness Counts at Work

The Kindness Foundation is run by a committed group of volunteers who provide support for events, fundraising and project implementation.

Contact Details

Ms Lidia Kemeny
Vice President
Kindness Foundation Canada
200 – 1892 West Broadway St Vancouver | BC V6J 1Y9 Canada
T: 1 604 515 5463 | M: 1 604 617 5932 | Skype: lidiakemeny |