India Kindness Unlimited

Kindness Unlimited India
Executive Member of the World Kindness Movement
Peak national body in India under the auspice of Kindness Unlimited (KU)
For the greater part of a decade, Kindness Unlimited has worked towards inspiring individuals & communities with the power of Kindness! KU fuels the human story by being a driver of empathy in harmony with its motto of ‘Balancing Self Interest with the Common Good’. A band of connectors, catalysts and influencers, KU attempts to unite givers and takers, by virtue of breaking down divisibility, building social capital and strengthening the human connection

Contact Details

Ms Nirmala Mehendale
Founder Trustee, Kindness Unlimited & Treasurer, World Kindness Movement
Address: A- 102 Ajanta, Sant Muktabai Road, Vile – Parle (East), Mumbai 400057 – India



  • Ms Lopa Kulinchandra Vyas

    World Kindness Australia

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  • Ms Nirmala Mehendale
    Founder | Chairperson
    World Kindness India
    A- 102 Ajanta Sant Muktabai Road Near MTNL | Vile – Parle (East) Mumbai 400057 – India
    T: 91 – 9820710081 | Skype: nmehndale |