NZ Kindness Movement

The inspiration for our kindness movement came from seeds planted by kindness initiatives in the USA, particularly reports of random acts of kindness such as the ones documented on TV programs like Oprah, where angel networks and other selfless people were seen to be making a difference through kind acts. The term ‘random acts of kindness’ in itself magically conjures up images of kind acts being committed all over the world.

Contact Details

Jim Russell / June Russell Founders NZ Kindness Movement c/o  J. M. Russell 95 Shag Point Road, Otago, 9482 New Zealand

Other Organizations


    The Kiwi Kindness Movement started in early 1999. It is presently only a small group. Its enthusiastic members however organise activities to raise its profile and generate public awareness. For example it sets up a stall in the local market to distribute freebies like flowers, plants and pots of jam. It hopes to start its newsletter soon. Denise Van Aalst Kiwi Kindness Movement 12 Centennial Road Fairfield Dunedin