World Kindness India

Executive Member of the World Kindness Movement
Peak national body in India under the auspice of Kindness Unlimited
Peak National body in Korea Kindness Unlimited is a Mumbai based NPO that was founded in 2005, which aims to spread kindness as an antidote to the increasing predominance of selfishness in the world. The organisation stands committed to be a body of transformative action and a catalyst of change that connects the nation thorough an intricate web of kindness. The organisation’s mission is to make the nation a progressively safer, better and a more beautiful place for all to live in, by balancing selfishness and conflict with cooperation, unity and KINDNESS.

In India with over a billion people, a flash point of kind acts has the potential to change us into a more equitable, just and kind society. Once individuals understand and experience the benefits of a kind act by being part of this virtuous chain of kindness, the contagion will spread .The movement aims at increasing active participation of individuals in society, in an effort to battle the bystander effect.

World Kindness India is currently under the auspice of Kindness Unlimited. Their programmes emphasize that kindness boosts individual success but at the same time promotes the accumulation of social capital, facilitating collective prosperity and security.

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Ms Nirmala Mehendale
Founder | Chairperson
Kindness Unlimited
A- 102 Ajanta Sant Muktabai Road Near MTNL | Vile – Parle (East) Mumbai 400057 – India
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