Membership Application Form

What it means to be a Member of the WKM

The mission of the WKM is to inspire individuals and to connect nations to create a kinder world. The objectives of the Movement are:

  1. To raise awareness of the WKM
  2. To share ideas and experiences of kindness programmes in different countries; and
  3. To increase membership and provide opportunities for members to network among themselves

As a member, you have the responsibility of organising activities related to kindness within your organisation, in support of the WKM. At present, membership is free of charge.

 Membership Benefits

  • Members will network and be linked up with other WKM members and will receive publications (eg newsletters, brochures, etc)
  • Members will be invited to attend and contribute to international meetings such as the General Assembly held every 2 years.
  • Members can be nominated and elected to the International Council (board).
  • Members can participate and contribute to international events and workshops.
  • WKM can assist with contacting your governments on behalf of the global campaign.
  • Members will be listed on official WKM website with hyperlink
  • Members will have social media support with sharing of posts on WKM Facebook page

Instructions on Filling in the Application Form

The head of the organization (President, Executive Director) should sign the application form.

  • The nominated facilitator or contact person of the organization will be the contact point between the WKM and the organization.

The responsibilities of the facilitator include the following:

  • Develop and implement kindness programmes and activities in your organization which supports the mission of the WKM.
  • Maintain a register of all participating members in the organization and a list of all your organization’s programmes and activities.

  • Provide a brief annual progress report to the WKM.

  • Copy monthly newsletters and updates to the Secretariat including ideas for participation and promotion of global initiatives.

The completed form should be returned to;
The General Secretary, The World Kindness Movement,
Mail to 33, Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria Or
Email the completed form to





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