Establishing a Kindness Body

“To Establishing A Kindness Body”


Receive Endorsement as a Kindness Body

The WKM International Council can provide endorsement of a member as kindness body which is established specifically with the intention to be a platform for engaging collaboration from all sectors of the community and represent the nation at international events to serve as the conduit to their government for WKM.
Application for official endorsement is made to the International Council and can take up to 12 months. WKM will assist and provide guidelines for establishing this body which remains independent from WKM.

After the probationary period of 12 calendar months, the body will receive a certificate of membership as an official member of The World Kindness Movement.


Ten Steps

1. Adopt a charter of kindness option to have focus e.g. Community /Children / Elderly / Non-violence / Peace / Compassion

2. Adopt a constitution, utilise a template provided by WKM, Ensure includes memberships structure.

3. Identify potential Founding Member organisations from all sectors of the community e.g. 1 Government Health- Well-being | 2 Education| 3 Literature – Film – Art | 4 Hospitality-Tourism Airline / 4. Hotel Group 5 Kindness NGO | 6 Youth Organisation| 7 Sporting Body | 8 PLC – Corporate Finance/ 9 Accounting / Legal | IT / Media

4. Appoint a board from the founding members. We recommend a board of 9 leave 4 positions vacant for min 12 months. Gain signed letters of consent from prospective founding board members and relative information to comply with registration.

5. Register organisation with appropriate government authority each board member makes a small voluntary contribution. If there are initial financial restrictions use preopening office from a strategic partner source potential a Secretariat CEO and corporate HQ

6. Invite a number of key advisers for the Strategic Advisory Council (1 international member preferably from the World Kindness Movement) Use template letter of invitation. Elect executive 1) Chair 2) Deputy Chair 3) Secretary

7. Appoint Committee for Governance – Finance – Membership – Communications – Strategic Planning – Events and bi-monthly Goodwill Ambassador Network Events

8. Establish a sustainable business model, i.e. Membership Fee, Kindness Cards, Workshops, Events, Merchandise e.t.c.

9. Establish Calendar of Events Forums Regional Conference, National Launch of body inviting all sectors of the community to join.

10. Apply for Membership to The World Kindness Movement