World Kindness Australia

World Kindness Australia

Executive Member of The World Kindness Movement’s International Council
World Kindness Australia (WKA) formed in 2011 and endorsed as the peak national body in Australia by the World Kindness Movement in 2014. WKA was the elected secretariat to the peak global body now serving a second term after initially being elected in 2012 at the 7th General Assembly in London. The campaign aims to ensure Kindness engages everyone, from our Classrooms to our staff rooms and from our Boardrooms to those residing in our corridors of Government. In Australia we saw the campaign as a way to address the fear associated to bystander behaviour in situations of bullying, however it has far more reach in a world which struggles to find the “Courage To Be Kind” and be the best it can be. The organisation has secured support and endorsements from 2 Australian Prime Ministers, Vice Regal, The Australian Commissioner for Human Rights, State and Federal Ministers including the Premiers of NSW and Victoria, Local government bodies representing 1.8 million residents including the City of Sydney and Gold Coast. This achievement was acknowledged in the NSW Parliament and in Her Excellency Professor Dame Marie Bashir Governor NSW 2014 Message and The Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney, Cr Clover Moore.

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Mr Craig Spence
World Kindness Australia
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Brief History of FLYHIGHBILLIE. ORG.


12 year old Billie Kinder died in a tragic accident in May 2016. Billie was an extraordinary
girl in that she had the gift of giving. She gave through her smile, her thoughtfulness, her constant acts of kindness and her amazing gift of words. Through Billie’s empathy and insight, her b kinder legacy empowers and inspires others and remind us all that our actions matter and that we each have the power to make a difference through human kindness.

With a play on her name, Billie’s legacy has become one of kindness and through the
b kinder initiative flyhighbillie is having a huge, positive impact on young people’s lives.


T+61 2 9362 8008 |  61 488 236 148 | skype MICHAEL668800


Mr Michael Lloyd-WhiteChairman| Founding Director General Secretary The World Kindness Movement
Level 22 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney, NSW  2000 Australia Mail PO Box 20828 World Square Sydney, NSW 2002 Australia E
T+61 2 9362 8008 | M 61 488 236 148 | skype MICHAEL668800



    Mr Carl Holden
    Lead Ambassador

    Australian Kindness Movement


    The “AKM” has been promoting kindness since
    1994. The group was formed to help overcome the apparent drift toward a cold and impersonal society.

    Our major goal is to generate a greater sense of friendliness in the community through the medium of simple acts of kindness. When this is achieved, citizens will experience higher levels of caring and safety in the community.