Ambassadors of Kindness

Become an AMBASSADOR OF KINDNESS and help us to spread more kindness


The Ambassador of Kindness is someone who makes a difference to others with a simple smile or hello. They offer a helping hand when your hands are full, or an invitation to join in rather than leave someone standing alone. They can be any one, however they stand out, they have the presence of somebody who is willing and capable of making a difference because they choose to do something rather than nothing.  


The Ambassadors of Kindness are:

Friendly      Understanding       Positive      Kind     Inspirational      Grateful    Compassionate     Resilient      Passionate    Patient    Empathetic    Respectful    Determined    Forgiving     Humble     Honest    Courageous



As an Ambassador of Kindness, you will be undertaking to support the ongoing kindness campaign.  Whilst it is about the promotion of events leading up to World Kindness Week in November, it’s also about engaging the whole village to create a better environment within the greater community by promoting the good work that is being done in all sectors of the Village.


 It’s about Walking Our Talk

    • Ambassadors shall undertake to sign, with other members of the council a Declaration of Support for the creation of a kinder world.
    • Ambassadors shall work within their own networks/departments either (directly or through social media) to raise awareness on events leading up to World Kindness Week updating council on the progress of the campaign both locally and internationally.
    • An Ambassador shall act as volunteers, will be directly involved in bringing about positive change by raising awareness of the important role kindness plays in our society.
    • Ambassadors will be actively involved in the celebration of The World Kindness Week/Day, and may from time to time, be invited to address staff, public meetings panels, schools, sports clubs, and or organizations encouraging them to celebrate World kindness Week.
    • Ambassadors will be requested to identify goodwill initiatives within the community in the lead up to World Kindness Week / Day and through City Council will raise awareness to the good work that’s being done by individuals and organizations.
    • Ambassadors may from time to time be requested for media engagements, interviews, join panels, forums to address current events in which Kindness could be a factor and will encourage the community to participate in a Kindness Index.
    • Ambassadors will highlight the importance of engaging the cities and villages in raising the child(ren) seeking opportunities to promote the campaign and engage participation from all sectors and peak association bodies, including, but not limited to, the police and emergency services, hospitals, as well as schools and the business community.


How to become an Ambassador of Kindness

Everyone can become Ambassador of Kindness without limits of age, culture or creed.

The process

Send your application through the World Kindness Movement affiliate in your Country, or where there is no representative in your  country, send the request to

Send also a summary of the actions taken or you intend to undertake to spread kindness through this form.

Subscribe to the Ambassadors’ Group on Facebook.

The title of Ambassador of Kindness is a project of the World Kindness Movement. Only WKM associates are empowered to appoint ambassadors in the country where they are active in the others countries is WKM who appoint the Ambassadors of Kindness. Any appointment by Bodies, Institutions, Organizations, Associations or others that have not received formal consent from the WKM is to be considered as an abuse and not respect for intellectual property.

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