International Council

International Council

Oke Stephen
Dr. Tristaca
Tristaca McCray
Kayleen Allen

Duties of the Office Bearers (Executive Members)

The President shall chair all General Assemblies and International Council Meetings. He or She shall also represent WKM in dealing with any external parties provided he/she reserves the right to delegate these duties to the Secretary General. The President will be actively involved in sourcing and or re-engaging with new members.

The Secretary-General shall keep an up-to-date register of the members, minutes of meetings and all other documents relating to the affairs of WKM, transact all correspondence, and send out all notices of meetings. The cost of fulfilling the duties of the Secretary-General role and the functions of the office of the Secretary-General will be offset by funds channelled through the WKM from members’ contributions when available, however, if not available will be borne by the Secretariat.

Duties of the Secretariat

  • The Office of the Secretary shall oversee all Regional Secretariats and support the role of the Executive Officers in their capacity to drive membership and global campaign strategies.


The Office of the Secretary will:

  • Chair and convene bi-monthly meetings of the Regional Secretariats and compile a summary of reports for the IC meeting.
  • endeavour to create opportunities to engage government officials and executives from the corporate sector to assist their engagement with the members of WKM.
  • be present at all IC Meetings and Committee Meetings. Provide an Executive Officer’s Report and any necessary updates.
  • provide a column and update in the WKM quarterly newsletter.
  • at times make themselves available to give keynote addresses and attend special international events to represent the WKM.
  • be a primary point of contact for regional offices in regards to the day-to-day business of WKM.
  • assist to source and support interested parties to participate and form kindness organisations and peak national kindness bodies.
  • be responsible for managing social media and the WKM website.
  • vet communications all incoming mail from the website and social media and share with appropriate IC members and committees.
  • Manage the WKM Email Accounts.
  • oversee the connection and liaison with Guest Speakers and dignitaries for WKM events.
  • oversee the bookings and travel arrangements for WKM events.
  • ensure programs for WKM events run smoothly and venues meet the required standard.
  • ensure telephone lines and PO Box numbers are maintained and messages are responded to within reasonable timeframes.
  • do all things to support the IC and provide advice and guidance to the IC.
  • collect data and stay abreast of world events providing relative information for members.
  • provide training and support for members and update manuals and handbooks.
  • be responsible for the printing and allocation of WKM stationary including merchandise and presentation certificates and collateral.
  • provide advice and demonstrate an understanding of the WKM Constitution.


The Treasurer shall oversee all monetary transactions managed by the Secretariat. The Treasurer will be on the Finance, Governance and General Assembly committees. Attendance at IC meetings and General Assemblies is mandatory and will be at their own cost unless a budget is allocated or a host offers to subsidise. The Treasurer will liaise with the appointed auditors and present monthly financial reports and annual returns at the General Assembly and the annual IC meeting.




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