WKM Endorsement

Any organization that wishes to promote an event that values kindness or its qualities can apply to receive endorsement from the WKM. It is important to send a presentation of the project with indicated:

  • Date
  • Country takes place the event
  • How the WKM logo will be used,
  • What kind of communication will be made: social, TV, newspapers, magazines.
    Considering that the IC meets every two months, it is important to receive the documentation as soon as possible.

Use of WKM's Logo

The WKM logo symbolizes the universality of kindness. The blue circle represents the world. The different coloured hearts of various sizes represent the diversity of mankind, with its many

racial, cultural and religious strands woven together by the common thread of kindness.

1. The logo is a registered trademark of the World Kindness Movement. It can only be used by organizations, which are members of the World Kindness Movement.

2. Members of the WKM may use the logo provided they seek written approval from the WKM secretariat. Upon approval, the logo may be used in the following ways only (see


In members’ stationery, including letterheads, flyers, newsletters and promotional materials, together with their logo;

In members’ calling cards, together with their logo;

On official vehicles of member organizations;

In all collateral produced for the WKM Conference when the Conference is hosted by a member country; and o In publications produced by members provided these are directly related to their kindness movement.

3. The WKM logo should be preceded with the words: ‘Member of the’.

4. The logo may be used only in the original colours as specified in Annex A. The logo may also be used in black and white based on the black and white photocopy of the original.

5. The logo should not be modified in any way. However, it may be used in an embossed form or as a watermark.

6. The logo should not be used by members for purposes other than those specified above (2).

7. The WKM logo shall not be used by anyone or any organization as a trademark on any merchandise or for any commercial purpose. Also, it may not be used in conjunction with other logos, other than those of WKM members, no matter how worthy the cause.

8. Members should report any misuse of the logo to the WKM Secretariat immediately. They should ask the individual, company or organization concerned to stop the misuse immediately.

9. Enquires about the WKM logo can be sent to the WKM Secretariat (


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