The World Kindness Movement (WKM)

WKM is an international movement with no political, commercial or religious affiliations. The formation of the organisation crystallised at a conference in Tokyo on 13th November 1997 when Japan brought together like-minded kindness organisations from around the world for the first time. WKM is now recognised as the peak global body for Kindness and whilst not a governing body it is a platform for collaboration and sharing. The mission of the WKM is to inspire individuals towards greater kindness by connecting nations to create a kinder world. Members of the movement include over 28 nations with representatives from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Liberia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Romania, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea,Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emerites, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom and with six member organisations in the USA.

Following the elections at the London 7th General Assembly in 2012 the kindness torch was passed from Singapore to Australia for the first time, Australia was appointed as the organisation’s Secretariat. The 8th General Assembly in 2014 saw China, France, Switzerland and Thailand appointed to the International Council for the fist time. Australia, India, Nigeria and South Korea were re-elected to serve second terms with the expectation to implement the global strategies developed to bring about positive change whereby all nations of the world can be united under a Coalition of the Good-willing.

In 2017 at the 9th General Assembly in Seoul we welcome WKM’s new International Council representing South Korea, Switzerland, India, Australia, Netherlands, Nigeria, China, Mexico who strive to inspire its members and our world leaders, that the vision of a kinder world can be realised in our lifetime

The International Council

The International Council is elected every two years at the General Assembly to act as the Executive of The World Kindness Movement. Click to view 2014 – 2016 Elected Executive

Executive Officers September 2017 – 2019

President – Ms Cristina Milani (Gentletude – Switzerland)

Vice President- Ms Nirmala Mehendale (World Kindness India)

Secretary General Mr Stephen Oke (World Kindness Nigeria)

Executive Members

Ms Louise Lai  (World Kindness China)

Mr George Helou (World Kindness Australia)

Matt Muhammad Bin Kmarulazizi (Kindness Malaysia)

Abraham Montanez Macias Valadez (Occurancias Mexico)



The idea behind the World Kindness Movement (WKM) crystallised at a conference in Tokyo in 1997 when the Small Kindness Movement of Japan brought together like-minded kindness movements from around the world. The WKM was later launched in Singapore on 18 November 2000 at the 3rd WKM Conference. The mission of the WKM is to inspire individuals towards greater kindness and to connect nations to create a kinder world. The WKM encourages individuals of other nations to establish kindness movements within their countries and collaborate on global initiatives through membership to The World Kindness Movement.

2019 General Assembly members are invited to submit applications to host the event until Feb 19th 2019.

June 2018 World Kindness Card 000549 arrives in Netherlands after travelling 164,000km collecting miles and smiles.

November 2017
City of Gold Coast Queensland Australia is presented the designation as a “World Kindness City” for consistently meeting the Kindness Performance Indicators for 5 consecutive years.

Message of Support

Received from The Australian Prime Minister

September 2017 9th General Assembly in Seoul


  1. WKM received a Message of Support from The Australian Prime Minister, The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull, delivered at the gala welcome reception dinner at the JW Marriott with the Australian Deputy Minister of Mission from the Australian Embassy present.see attached.
  2. International delegates signed a Declaration of Support for a Kinder World in Seoul visiting the DMZ, only 24hrs prior to a North Korea Nuclear test which heightened tensions in an already fearful region on 3rd of August 2017.
  3. The Movement adopted the first ever “Kindness Clause” known as “Article 28” sponsored by World Kindness Australia, into the World Kindness Movement’s Constitution.
  4. Delegates unanimously agreed to officially list The City of Gold Coast in Australia as the first “World Kindness City” after reviewing their submission to ensure it met the criteria to be a World Kindness City.
  5. We honoured Mr Will Glennon, an original Founding Member of WKM and Mr Giorgio Aiassa from Italian Kindness Movement as lifetime WKM Ambassadors – Emeritus”
  6. Three US organisations gave impressive live presentations on Skype to the delight of delegates,
  • Envision Kindness Dr David Fryburg
  • Kindness Org Ms Jaclyn Lindsey
  • NERDS RULE INC Ms Tristica McCray

      7. Both World Kindness USA and HELPIS (Boston) were unanimously welcomed into the fold as our newest members to the peak global  body, taking the tally of US members to 10 Kindness organisations. Take A Stand For Good has been accepted as an Observer with full membership pending subject to receiving their confirmation as Non Profit status. 

       8. WKM Achievement Awards were bestowed by the President onto the outgoing IC members with a special mention to Mr Muhammad Bin Kamarulazizi Kindness Malaysia nominated by his countryman. Mr Diwan A Rahman in a moving display of gratitude and respect. We welcomed in the new Executive Members  and thanked the outgoing Secretariat World Kindness Australia for their past 5 years of dedicated service. to the movement

New Office Bearers 2017-2019
Ms Cristina Milani Gentletude Switzerland
Mr Stephen Oke World Kindness Nigeria
Ms Nirmala Peters-Mehendale, World Kindness India

New Executive Members 2017-2019

Mr Muhammad Bin Kamarulazizi, Kindness Malaysia
Mr Abraham Montañez Ocurrancias, Mexico
Ms Louise Lai World Kindness, China
Mr George Helou World Kindness Australia

September 2017

September 2016 The 20th International Council Meeting is held for executive members in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Sept 30 -Oct 3 2016. Official Signing Ceremony to welcome new members Kindness Malaysia. Attended by WKM Executive Members: World Kindness Australia, World Kindness China, World Kindness France, World Kindness India, World Kindness Korea, Kindness Malaysia. The certificate of Membership was officially presented to Kindness Malaysia and accepted on behalf of the board by President, Mr Muhammad Bin Kamarulazizi. The International Council participated in our first S.W.O.T. analysis facilitated by World Kindness Australia, Goodwill Ambassador (Brisbane) Ms Kayleen Allen, Director of Tourism Gems Pty Ltd.

July 2016 The General Secretary, Mr Michael Lloyd-White leads an Australian delegation to meet members in the USA including Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and Be Kind People Project. In addition we were commissioned to hand deliver a Letter of Acknowledgement from Australian Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate to US Anaheim Mayor, Tom Tait, in the spirit of a City Collaboration In Kindness The presentation to City Of Kindness was supported by World Kindness Australia’s  Director of Member Services, Ms Yuliana Hartanto and Goodwill Ambassador (ACT) Ms Kate Seselja.

New members were added to our ranks as we welcome Love for The Elderly USA and World Kindness South Africa.

July 2015 Our General Secretary meets with the Minister for the  Thai Prime Minister at the Royal Thai Parliament House to discuss Bangkok hosting the Fist World Leaders Kindness Summit. It is with appreciation and thanks to World Kindness Thailand’s efforts to make this possible.

June 2015 World Kindness France is formed following the 8th General Assembly with the assistance of French Consular De General to Sydney, Mr Eric Berti with Sabine Devlieger founder, Gentillesse Benevloence Province  launched in Avignon to coincide with the Avignon Festival’s youth rally and the WKM 8th International Council Meeting. In addition to World Kindness France a  number of membership applications were accepted which include organisations from:

  1. Canada, Kind Canada Généreux
  2. Malaysia, Kindness Malaysia
  3. Pakistan, Kindness Pakistan / Green Kindness Angels /Green Living Association
  4. Mexico, Ocurrencias, para la Educacion’ Sabiduri’a A.C
  5. United Kingdom, Incredible Me

June 2015 The Cabinet of the Thai Prime Minister meet and vote agreeing in principal to host the first World Leaders Kindness Summit in 2016. This was also an outcome from the General Assembly where world Kindness Thailand moved the motion and formally request the WKM secretariat write directly to the Prime Minister of Thailand. This becomes another driver for for convening the 8th International Council meeting in France. The Secretariat meet with government representatives tin Bangkok to deliver the International Council’s response.

February 2015 World Kindness Liberia is formed and accepted as an official member to the Movement. This is a milestone in that the country had suffered greatly due to the Ebola virus

November 2014 3rd Global Flashmob Dance for Kindness held in over 60 cities coordinated by Ms Orly Wahba Life Vest Inside where many of our members collaborate in a global flashmob.

September 2014 The 8th General Assembly is hosted in Sydney. New members from France and USA were presented at NSW Parliament House with the official Certificates of Membership. The President returns the Kindness Card 0000 549 to its point of origin in Sydney Australia to acknowledge the nation, city and state for hosting this prestigious event, This card has now traveled twice around the globe with 86,000 km. Dignitaries from respective governments were in attendance with the Premier of NSW providing Message of Support.

  1. The 1st WKM Youth Council took place at the University of Sydney. The USA was appointed as the Chair and Australia was elected to the Secretariat position.
  2. Motions resolved to enable listing of Cities as either World Kindness Cities or World Kindness Destinations subject to meeting the criteria Kindness Performance Indicators and being approved by the International Council
  3. WKM Awards are being developed for film, photography, art, public speaking on the theme of kindness and Local Kindness Hero Courage To Be Kind Award.

June 2014 World Kindness Card 000549 arrives in Mumbai India after travelling 56,000km collecting miles and smiles

May 2014 City Of Sydney becomes first Capital City In The World To Join the World Kindness Campaign. All duly elected Councillors unanimously resolve motion by Cr Christine Forster to sign a Declaration of Support and appoint Goodwill Ambassadors. January 2014 Ukraine joins the World Kindness Movement represented by Mr Vitaly Milysh from Community Foundation Dobrovit November 2013 2nd Global Flashmob Dance for Kindness held in over 60 cities coordinated by Ms Orly Wahba Life Vest Inside August 2013 World Kindness China hosts International Council meeting in Hong Kong. August 2013 World Kindness China becomes official member of the World Kindness Movement. August 2013 Australian Prime Minister The Honourable Kevin Rudd PM delivers Message of Support for China joining the global campaign for a kinder world. May 2013 Thailand Joins World Kindness Movement Mr Dania Chanchaochai receives his certificate of Membership from the General Secretary Mr Michael Lloyd-White and The President Ms Jin Heo South Korea.

March 2013 Japan celebrates 50th Anniversary Small Kindness Movement Japan, Where it all began
March 2013 World First University Scholarship for World Kindness launched by the University of Sydney Elite Sports Scholarship
February 2013 Switzerland ( becomes official Member of the World Kindness Movement represented by Cristina Milani from Gentletude Switzerland
November 2012 First Global Flashmob Dance for Kindness Launched in 16 countries and 33 cities around the world, Co-ordinated by Ms Orly Wahba Lifevest Inside September 2012 7th General Assembly London – Elects World Kindness Australia to secretariat role.
May 2011 World Kindness Australia formed and officially joined WKM following the 2010 General Assembly in Sydney 28-30 September 2010 Mr Michael Lloyd-White organised the Sixth Conference of the World Kindness Movement (WKM) in Sydney, Australia partnering with the Department of Education and the NSW Federation of P&C Associations.
15-17 November 2007 The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) organised the Fifth Conference of the World Kindness Movement (WKM) in Singapore.
3-7 May 2005 The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) acting as the World Kindness Movement (WKM) Secretariat and the Italian Kindness Movement (Movimento Italiano della Gentilezza) organised the Fourth Conference of the World Kindness Movement (WKM) in Parma, Italy.
17-18 November 2000 The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) hosted the Third Conference of the World Kindness Movement (WKM) on 17 and 18 November 2000. Representatives from ASEAN countries and Italy as well as WKM members from Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Scotland, Thailand and the United States attended the event.
5-6 November 1999 Second WKM Conference held in Tokyo. A WKM logo was adopted. 8 April 1999 Launch of the WKM website at www.worldkindness.org.sg The website has Internet and e-mail links to all members.
13 November 1998 First WKM Conference held in Tokyo. It was agreed that World Kindness Day would be held on 13 November each year.
20 September 1997 The Declaration to establish the WKM was signed.