World Kindness South Africa

At 11pm Sydney time on the 1st of September 2016 with the endorsement from our WKM Executive Member, Mr Stephen Oke, the application for World Kindness South Africa
to become an official member to the World Kindness Movement was unanimously passed by the International Council.

After the xenophobic crisis in South Africa, a “ stop hate” was launched by  a group of persons to stop further xenophobia. However, the idea to set up the organization came when the world kindness Nigeria President visited South Africa and encourage the setting up of the organization with the core objective of spread of kindness more particularly to the vulnerable in the society,

The organization is currently engaged in rendering assistance to the vunerable, the street urchins and drug addicts through rehabilitations, counselling, feeding and clothing.

The organization is looking forward to collaborating with other organizations of like-minds in furtherance of its objectives.

Contact Details

Address: 257, Zeiller Street, Pretoria- West

Postal Code (Zip Code) 0183  Country: SOUTH AFRICA

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