World Kindness USA (accepting expressions of interest)

Expressions of Interest being sought to establish a peak national body in the United States of America, “World Kindness USA” A board of 9 executive members is required representing all sectors of the community.
Government – Business – Education – Media – Sport – Hospitality/Tourism – Health – Community – Kindness Organisation/s

Current Kindness Organisations in the USA belonging to the World Kindness Movement are

Contact Details

Interested parties please write to the Office of the Secretariat at the World Kindness Movement for further information

Michael Lloyd-White
General – Secretary
The World Kindness Movement
Level 22 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney, NSW  2000 Australia
Mail PO Box 20828 World Square Sydney, NSW 2002 Australia
T+61 2 9362 8008 | 614 88 236 148 | Skype Michael668800