7 Ways to Show Compassion to Those Around You

by Christiana Jolaoso




Compassion is an inbuilt quality everyone possesses. It is real kindness towards another person’s hardship or misery- a yearning to relieve pain. 

Compassion goes beyond emotions. It involves an action to solve someone else’s anguish. 

We need humans who yearn to make our world a better place where everyone is happy. Individuals need to show more kindness instead of fights and violence, which divide us.   

But how can you demonstrate concern instead of cruelty? 

Read on…

You’ll see how to become a helping hand to others. 

Remember this- there are several means of showing compassion, but genuine kindness comes from the soul. 

Let’s get in!


  • Look Inward and Begin with Yourself 

If you aren’t kind to yourself, you may not correctly show compassion to others. So, look inward and continuously praise yourself for daily achievements, no matter how little they seem. 

Learn to forgive and forget errors. Only work on becoming better. Look at your gifts and work towards strengthening any weaknesses.  

Doing these will help you feel empathy towards others and do your best to help out.

Although some people find it hard to feel the pain of those around them, looking inward and showing kindness to yourself will help you understand. Now, that’s a great start!


  • Stay Unselfish

Be concerned about others. If you see someone going through a crisis, think of yourself in that situation; how does it make you feel? 

Care for others as much as you support yourself. For instance, give out your old clothes or shoes to a charity today. 

Try to make someone happy. You can start by giving some change to a homeless person. 


  • Forgive People

Forgive people when they upset you. Don’t retaliate or think of reprisal. Some people’s actions or even words will hurt you, but find it in your heart to forgive. Always make that choice because pardoning others helps you emotionally.  

Also, when someone comes to you for forgiveness, let it go because they feel remorseful. And even when they don’t, don’t bury your happiness because of someone else’s misbehavior. 


  • Use Verbal and Non-Verbal cues 

Most times, we think of words to use when we want to express emotions to another person. However, connecting with another person goes beyond words. A promising way to offer kindness is the use of non-verbal cues. 

For example, you can listen carefully before responding to a query. Turn to the person speaking with you and make eye contact. Usually, this tells the other party that you have interest in the discussion.  

Also, think of the right words to use that will appeal to your present situation. Consider little things like sending an encouraging message to someone who’s going through difficult times.  


  • Inspire and Reassure Others

There’s someone out there waiting to hear a few positive words from you. If you know someone who is unhappy, depressed or disheartened, sometimes, telling them positive words is the best way to encourage them. 

Telling someone positive words can be enough to inspire them to do something they otherwise would not do. It’s a form of positive reassurance. 

Try to highlight their strengths and applaud the gifts they possess. Also express hope in these skills and let them know you’ll support them in every circumstance.  


  • Volunteer

Advocate for issues you are passionate about. Do simple things for others. Offer your services to a charity organization or donate to them. 

Speak up about any issue affecting society negatively, whether physically or online. Also, join outreaches or programs supporting a cause you love. 

Make impact in the world today by giving your time through involvement. For example, if you dislike poverty, donate money or materials to charities focused on eradicating need in your area.  


  • Be Kind to People

Be kind and generous to people in need. Through generosity, you may attend to needs, but with kindness you will bring change. 

To understand what a person really needs, try to put yourself in their shoes. This makes you empathetic (feel their pain), so you will know what exactly they need to be happy. 

Do something for someone every day, feel their pain or joy. Soon it will become a habit or trait which will bring bliss. 


Show compassion by ignoring differences such as race, gender or color and start looking at communal issues that draw humans together. 

True compassion comes through feeling others’ pains and an accompanying action to bring solutions. 

Simple kindness can transform another person’s day while adding bliss to yours. So, start showing compassion today. 

Buying someone coffee, donating to a good cause, and speaking kindly will help you get there!