Here’s Why Teaching Kindness is Crucial Need Of The Time

Here’s Why Teaching Kindness is Crucial Need Of The Time

Here’s Why Teaching Kindness is Crucial Need Of The Time


Here’s Why Teaching Kindness is Crucial Need Of The Time



In all the ways, kindness is beautiful. Amid all the chaos and fiasco of life, it is only positivity and kindness that helps us grow and hope for another day. Kindness makes the children confident and lets them have a positive outlook on their lives. So, we can agree to the fact that while growing up, a child needs to learn kindness, so that he/she could have a better future. Do you know about the World Kindness Movement?

Ecco cosa serve per vivere bene in ufficio

Un’indagine InfoJobs che ha coinvolto 1350 persone, e che ha portato alla luce i benefici tangibili di una soft skill facile da dimenticare: eppure secondo gli intervistati la gentilezza serve a tutti, da chi cerca un impiego a chi dirige un ufficio.


World Kindness Day is here again, it is to highlight our good deeds in our communities, cities, and nations; it is for us to further focus on the positive power and common thread of kindness, which binds us together. Also this year we focus our attention on empathy.

Lugano Kindness Conference

This year’s conference will be focused on 17Un’s goals. World Kindness Movement will present during the conference ten projects that already are linked to the UN’s Agenda 2030. The presentations will be published on our website.

EK Photograph Contest Winners

Envision Kindness announced the World is Kind winners.  If someone is interested in collaborations and partnerships with Envision Kindness, please send an email. Envision Kindness has a number of exciting projects coming up next year.

Welcome to Switzerland – GA 2019

We will be exploring opportunities for international collaboration to develop and implement strategies to create a kinder world, by partnering with the United Nations on its 2030 Agenda, tagged: “Sustainable Development Goals.

Envision Photograph Contest 2019

It is easy, Join the Envision photography Contest for the 2019 and win a lot more prizes, recognition and get Listed on the World Kindness Movement, no doubt your business, project and corporate image will be projected to the world on quality and

Upcoming General Assembly 2019

It’s with great joy in our hearts that we write this piece of appreciation to you all for being resolute in our desires for a kinder World, you have tenaciously kindled the flame of kindness; spread its fragrance in every nook and cranny of the World.