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The Brazilian Quality of Life Association (ABQV) is a national non-profit wellness organization. It joins private and public corporations and professionals from all country. It was founded in 1995 and connects organizations and communities into a supportive network that stimulate a better status of health and quality of life. We have more than 400 organizations that represent a universe of 2.100.00 employees in Brazil. Our mission are: integrate and develop professional from many disciplines, disseminate wellness concept promoting discussions and debates involving individuals and communities and stimulating organizations to launch and maintain wellness programs.

The vision of The ABQV is to be a vanguard association in subjects of Quality of Life to promote: Social and organizational  transformations through wellness worksite and a personal change to assume    responsibility for your good healthy, lifestyle and wellbeing. Our values are: The ABQV Believe that Quality of Life is achieved by the balance of wellness dimensions:


Member since 2005

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