Canada Kind Canada Généreux

Canada Kind Canada Généreux

Kind Canada Généreux a national not-for-profit, charitable organization that promotes and encourages all Canadians to help create a pervasive culture of kindness from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Our efforts are intended to educate and inspire Canadians to purposefully include kindness in their daily lives, support charitable causes and enhance the well-being of others.

We believe that kindness can make Canada a more caring, generous, productive and stronger country. We know that kindness can transform lives and help address problems such as bullying, depression and exclusion. We are committed to being a strong national voice for kindness and to working hand-in-hand with others to bring the power of kindness to homes, communities, schools and workplaces across Canada and around the world.


Ron Prehogan, President, Kind Canada Généreux

1747 Featherston Drive,

Ottawa, Ontario K1H6P4


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