Because of the vision’s specialized humanitarian activities and volunteering missions, KINDNESS GUILD NIGERIA is a uniformed para-military in nature and available to collaborate with all existing forces and specialized government agencies for constant quality services to humanity. Rescue Corps of KGN are trained to handle emergencies, gather the information that would be useful for agencies’ intervention in accidents, health crises, human and environmental abuses and undertake welfare services to the vulnerable communities.

They are recruiting volunteering officers for inter-institutional social services towards the rescue of human lives, infrastructures and communities through a culture of kindness.

Membership of Kindness Guild Nigeria-KGN is in three categories: RESCUE CORP, RESCUE VOLUNTEER and RESCUE MARSHALL.

Guild Rescue Academy

To become a professional Rescue Corp with the Kindness Guild Nigeria, every recruited Corp must be trained and empowered in various disciplines to enable them to fulfil their dream career in rescue and social services. Courses in the Guild Rescue Academy are offered on a humanitarian basis with highly subsidized fees. Kindness Guild Nigeria resolved that every youth coming into the Guild must have a job or vocation for self-sustenance and if any recruited youth does not have a job, such person could be helped to acquire a vocation by choosing a programme from the Guild Rescue Academy.  

The Guild Rescue Academy is an Institutional Department under the supervision of the Directorate of Training and Human Capacity Development guided by operational directives from the office of the Guild Commandant General and managed by its appointed members of the Governing Council.


Prince (Dr) Abayomi Abraham Otukoya


I8B, Olorunnimbe Street,
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel:+2348050529129, +2349034027773
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