Kindness Mongolia

The Idea was initiated by the mother of the founder, who was the oldest daughter of her family with nine children. She was a woman well educated and very kind, and she used to help others in many ways with all the things she got. For not human only, but for animals too.  Now it is getting almost 16 years since she passed on. But everything how she lived and what she preferred in her all life, those all are always in my memory and it drove me to keep myself on the way of Kindness. Starting from 1999, I have intended with my lectures, articles in newspapers, and via the internet, sources to make students and children see the importance of kindness, Actually, everything has been changed in Mongolia for 30 years since Mongolia started its transition to market economy and democracy after Socialism. Of course positives we have, but negatives are getting much too that make us stressed everywhere. I mean these negatives may result of that we are losing our kindness anywhere on the way to earn money, to endless talk about economy and politics. We should see back into our hearts, the deep inside in ourselves. Happiness is not about money and ruling others. But it is about being friendly to each other and living feeling nice from the people around us. This is the history and reason of why we started our actions of the NGO, and its ambition to make a contribution to the Global Initiative. Even though we established the NGO this year only, our intention had started many years ago.