Kindness Pakistan (Green Angels)

Kindness Pakistan (Green Angels)

Pakistan’e largely expanding movement of students and their families to promote Kindness and Environmental Peace in the society. Until now, over 100,000 Green Angels and their around 400,000 supporters have joined the association by participating in the innovative and colourful activities. With increased incidents of extremism GLA has organized an independent national movement ‘Green Angels for Kindness‘ to promote Kindness and to end extremism in the society/world.

Kindness Pakistan (KP) is a movement of kindness for all segments of society, inspired by Green Living Association, to campaign for Kindness as the priority action in our daily lives. The motive of ‘Kindness Pakistan’ is to make Kindness a reality of our living in making a kinder society for a kinder and harmonized world. Kindness Pakistan is dedicated to develop the world of differentiation into the world of kindness.

Pakistan Kindness has planed wide range of activities, which include exhibitions, study based quizzes, performing arts and kindness carnivals. The activities are based upon innovative ideas to motivate all segments of society in making a kinder society. Besides attaining great sense of accomplishments, our members and participants receive charming rewards and gifts as recognition to their solidarity with Kindness.


Green Living Association
Program Office: 67-D-1, Main Boulevard
Liberty Commercial Zone, Gulberg III Lahore
Phone: 042 -35521057

Main Office: Green House – Faisal Town Lahore

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