One Voice for Kindness Campaign


It is 25 years since the World Kindness Movement,
the creators of World Kindness Day
have been placing Kindness on the agenda.
This year we are rallying the world to lend their support to
It Takes
Courage to be KIND!

Have you noticed that Kind acts lead to Good Vibes, Peace and
Unity ? Wouldn’t you want a world without war, polarization
and everything that breeds hate and division amongst us ?

We will share the Kind Vibes that you will create across the World by sharing
#OneVoiceForKindness to observe

World Kindness Day 2022

We created a symbol to represent this collective #OneVoiceforKindness. With

your support,

We will create a ripple of kindness on social media to uniting our voices as one.
Share Your Voice over your social media pages and say ‘#OneVoiceforKindness‘. cause

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Your voice for kindness

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