One Voice for Kindness Campaign


Have you noticed that Kind acts lead to Good Vibes, Peace and Unity ? Wouldn’t you want a world without war, polarization and everything that breeds hate and division amongst us ?

On the 25th anniversary year  we are rallying individuals, organisations and communities to add their voice and support #OneVoiceForKindness.

 Let’s say YES to Kindness and in One Voice reach a crescendo by World Kindness Day, 13th November 2022 

Our objective is to highlight the urgent need for a more compassionate leadership to ensure a ‘ Kinder World For All ‘  and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

We created a symbol to represent our collective voices and the vibes and kind ripples that will be created.

Kindly add your voice over social media with  #OneVoiceforKindness and the symbol below and request others to join. 

Say Yes to Kindness cause Kind Vibes Matter . Your Voice Matters. 

Thank you !

Your voice for kindness

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