Shomman Foundation, Bangladesh

Background of the Organisation:

Shomman Foundation (since 2012, and unofficially registered in April 2015 /officially-2017), a non-profitable organization is also very interested regarding the health status of Helping Hands. It has been seen that a plethora of contagious diseases are spreading inside our apartments without anybody knowing. And these occurrences have been happening in a repetitive manner. Shomman has been trying to address this health malaise. As Shomman is considering home as their major focus point, it is also concerned about senior citizens and children who have no voices at home.

Shomman has been actively involved in promoting the rights of helping hands especially working inside our homes and offices (including personal chauffeurs, Gardeners, etc). We realize that these people are being treated as modern slaves in this region. The majority of our population are being brought up with a wrong attitude and lack of Empathy and Kindness. We conceive that social monsters are indeed created at home and so are great achievers.


Current & Future Activities of the Organisation:
A)  We have been researching on the unacceptable lifestyle of domestic helping hands, mainly women and girls and searching for a solution towards kindness space in this region, especially Bangladesh for the past seven years. Based on the wealth of data of our country of 165 million people – it has come out for the first time that there are at least 15-20 million people working as domestic helping hands and being tortured by verbally or physically habitually.

  1. B) The founder of ‘Shomman’, Dr. RubaiulMurshed has also initiated knowledge-based academia to enhance ethics and update the ‘Moral Revolution’. The book series named “WISELAND 1, 2., 3…” … is a part of this moral revolution.
  2. C) We need to provide privileged individuals and the young generation with tools, ideas, projects, and events that help make the world a kindlier place.
  4. Dr. Rubaiul Murshed
  5. HOUSE 71/1; ROAD 15A;
  8. Tel: +8801873367920
  9. Website Address __WWW.SHOMMAN.ORG
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