Switzerland Gentletude

Switzerland Gentletude

Executive Member of the World Kindness Movement.


Gentletude is a neologism composed of the words “gentilezza” (gentleness/kindness) and “attitudine” (attitude). It pursues the aims for a better world without violence, arrogance and rudeness. A world where caring and paying attention to others, common sense and balanced competitivity are the most important things. Gentletude intends to bring the world on a level of relativity, especially from an emotional perspective. Our initiatives are aimed at this goal, because an act of kindness is worth more than 1000 shares discourteous


The production provided by the association is completely free, based on the Commons Creative Criteria. Gentletude in Italy is a non-profit organization (NPO), and in Switzerland is a non-profit association.


Gentletude represents Switzerland in the World Kindness Movement




Ms. Cristina Milani


Via Giuseppe Maggi 14 | 6963 Lugano-Pregassona | Switzerland
E: cmilani@gentletude.com
T: 0041 91 921 00 68   M: 0039 3463655825 |
Skype: lapina666 | www.gentletude.com 

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