UAE The Kindness Movement of the UAE

UAE The Kindness Movement of the UAE

The Kindness Movement is the local representation of the World Kindness Movement and the catalyst for many community projects in the city.

The Kindness Movement have been working within the UAE for years lending hands to hundreds of small, medium and large size projects; closely with government, corporate, associations, charities, even smaller groups to support them achieve their goals whether it was a rescue operation, aid or relieve mission, or just to raise awareness for a cause.

The Kindness Movement main aim is to be recognized as the “Mother of the Community”, the first choice for those looking for a community group to actively assist and to also support society related projects leading to its betterment, as well as supporting other locally operating Charities, NGOs and/or Humanitarian organizations.


Mr Nawar F. Al Daas
Founder | CEO
The Kindness Movement of The UAE
P.O. Box 90050 | Dubai United Arab Emirates


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