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United Kingdom Incredible Me

Incredible Me MEMBER 26/06/15

Incredible Me was created for children, young people and the adults in their lives to support them in developing their understanding of the importance of emotional well-being as a cornerstone of current – and future – personal and global paradigm shift, happiness, fulfillment and success.

Incredible Me is a place for children, young people and adults to explore their thoughts about emotional well-being, as well as to learn strategies for supporting themselves and others through life experiences and challenges. It is a place for them to feel supported, challenged and celebrated as they learn about themselves and others and continue to grow towards increased balance, joy and success.

Life can sometimes be busy, challenging and confusing and it’s helpful to take time out, to ask for support in finding our way through it with a smile on our face and a strong sense of who we are. If children, young people and adults are supported in uncovering happiness, fulfillment, kindness, gratitude and empowerment in their own lives, they will then be able to play a proactive role in creating a kinder, more tolerant, compassionate and peaceful world.


Miss Toni Brodelle
Position: CEO/Founder
Telephone Number: Call WKM HO :612 362 8008

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