World Kindness China

World Kindness China

World Kindness China was officially launched in the mainland – after its foundation in Hong Kong – this June in a distinguished inaugural photo exhibition “Sowing Seeds of Kindness” in Shanghai. During the evening, China’s executive director introduced WKC’s vision of Connecting Kindness to a significant number of Shanghai’s key business and social figures, in a refined atmosphere surrounded by 23 unique photos of the renowned photographer Karen Kovalsky, an artist who specializes in environmental portraiture and corporate photography with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery. World Kindness China held its first Business Engagement Roundtable – Engaging Champions. Connecting business, in terms of resources, innovation, and knowledge to the non-profit sector in China lies at the core of WKC’s mission.


Mr Roman Fong
Chairman -Founding Director

Suite 506-509, Block C
700 Huangpi South Rd
Shanghai, China.

+86 (21) 63852867

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