“Kindness for a More Sustainable, Social, Economic and Environmental World”

The kindness App: The power of technology to spread kindness by
Mr. George Helou 

The International Peace Trees Program for the achievement of the 17 UN’s goals by
Ms. Sabine Devlieger 

Seva (selfless service) and Sustainability by
Ms. Nirmala Mahendale

Education for Youth “Heart and Share” by
Ms. Jin Heo 
(South Korea)

Sustainability: low-cost kindness project with impact by
Mr. Muhammad Bin Karmarulazizi 

Kindness culture in Nigeria by
Mr. Stephen Oke 

The role of inner transformation in the making of a kinder personality by
Mr. Fayyaz ur Rehman

Saving one life at a time through kindness by
Mr. Fernando Shanil 
(Sri Lanka)

Climate Change: The declaration of support for the Cultural Creatives by
Ms. Cristina Milani 

How to promote the culture of positivity through kindness by
Mr. Luca Streri