How to Show Kindness During Hard Times – by Christiana Jolaoso


How to Show Kindness During Hard Times – by Christiana Jolaoso


In a world where you can be anything – be kind.”


Everyone needs a sense of connection to someone or a community. And it is kindness, service, and care that build a community.


In a time like this, when COVID-19 makes people feel a sense of disconnection, we need to show kindness to each other. Take a look around you; there are many ways to help others.


That older man stays alone in a big house. His neighbor is too busy to mow their lawn, and that friend can’t find time for grocery shopping. Reach out to them. It’s the little things that matter. 


Here’s a little secret…


Showing kindness in your time of need may be all you need to shrink your problems. This means that the satisfaction we get from helping people is good for our well-being. 


If you are wondering why you should care so much about others during torrid times, the real question is, why shouldn’t you care? We all need each other to survive. For instance, people are recovering from Covid sickness because of health workers’ kindness and hard work. 


What if they refused to work? 




Imagine having to deal with our problems alone. It would be unfortunate. To make the world a happier place, we all need to be kind. One kind act at a time


How Can You Show Kindness in These Difficult Times? 

People often give the excuse that they don’t know how to help others. Yet, there are many ways to help each other out.  Let’s find out a few ways to show kindness to others. 


Stay Connected 

Technology has made it easy for us to stay connected. So, use that to your advantage. We have our phones and laptops. Give someone a call. Reach out via social media. Try to check up on others. It helps when people know they are loved and appreciated. 


Put on A Smiling Face

A smile could be all that a person needs to turn a bad day into a good one. And it doesn’t cost you a thing to give it. Also, add giving compliments to smiling. It makes people feel good and encourages them to be better. 


Render Help to Someone

Be kind even when you don’t have to. Hold out the door for the person behind you. Help someone fix a problem. Don’t wait to be asked before you offer them help. 


Even when they don’t appreciate it, be kind, still-even to strangers. Make a habit of being kind at all times. It will change the world. 


Speak kindly 

Be deliberate about your choice of words. Even when someone uses harsh words on you, shock them by responding kindly. 

Also, speak kind words to yourself. Each morning, use affirmative words on yourself. Before you know it, it becomes your nature to utter only positive words that bring healing. 




As the world continues to search for solutions to its many problems, do not give in to despair and forget to look out for others. We need to hold and strengthen ourselves with love and kindness. We can only get through when we are kind to ourselves. 


Author Profile: Christiana Jolaoso