10 random acts of kindness at workplaces



Workplace stress is the most significant problem people face nowadays because the covid situations are getting worse day by day. A majority of people say that they feel pressure during their workdays. As the workplaces are opening or we have to work from home. No doubt our days are sandwiched between traffic jams and housework. This kind of situation makes our day stressful and less pleasant, and it taxes our minds and bodies in ways that lower our quality of life and makes us less effective at our jobs. 


But there is a way, our companies can help reduce this stress by encouraging more kindness in the workplace. Creating a culture of service doesn’t take a big budget or a planning committee. The structure also plays a vital role in this process as the more likely environment, the more employees would be satisfied, builders book is the best place to find the right methods for the right structure and law-abiding environment.

Keep reading to discover six science-backed ways to dispel stress in the workplace and bake kindness into your company’s culture. And first, find out why encouraging kindness may help you reduce health issues and absenteeism, increase engagement and productivity, and encourage loyalty. Below, you’ll find ten ideas to help your company give back, recognize employees, and discover the power of kindness.


Motivational quote

Writhing inspiring quotations and notes on walls or somewhere in the cabins where easily be seen makes employees more special and dedicated. The handwritten notes will make them extra-special.


Books of love

Gather all books around you and ask your employees to brings theirs too so you can donate them in a library or for the charity that will give you a feeling of happiness and joy 


Work it as a team effort

Ask everyone to participate in the act of kindness that will make others happy; for instance, various departments should arrange lunch or dinner programs for other departments or take care of each other’s needs and tea or coffee. Teams can also write about each other in emails or on chat groups 


 Recognize leadership

Every employee likes to be recognized for his work or some special skills .dpn’y hesitate to tell your manager, supervisor, mentor, or any other leader how much you appreciate their



Title their name?

Create a fun abbreviation for an employee. Based upon their skills or the first letter of their names, come up with an adjective that describes the employee or what makes them unique or special. 


Tea break

During the break hours, give your employees a relaxing time. Ask all employees that you’re going on a coffee run. Ask everyone what they would like. The surprise gesture will always work and cheer them up.


Try these 

Appreciate your employees with straw flags, lifesaver candy wrappers, and even a check for “one million thanks.” Download, customize, print, and recognize!


Welcoming committee

Arrange welcome lunch or a small get-together for new employees may expect a lunch invitation from their supervisor, but getting one from a friendly coworker will make their day.


Help fight hunger


According to research, more than 49 million Americans live in food-insecure households. Your company can help fight hunger by organizing a food drive or rallying employees to spend the day volunteering for a random food donation.

Kindness beyond the workplace

The advancement in social media has made meetups and face-to-face talking very rare these days. But you could go old-fashioned catch up with your friends and colleagues or call them on a random day. You might even invite them for lunch or coffee. A little kindness goes a long way. Infuse a bit more positivity in the workplace by trying a few, or even all, of these ideas in the coming week.


@ Umer Ishfaq