World Kindness Day is here again, it is to highlight our good deeds in our communities, cities, and nations; it is for us to further focus on the positive power and common thread of kindness, which binds us together. Also this year we focus our attention on empathy.



What it Means to be a Member of The World Kindness Movement

All members have the responsibility of organizing activities related to kindness within their community through their organization and plan activities for World Kindness Day on the 13th of November each year.
A registered Not for Profit /Non-Governmental Organisation or Government Agency with the primary purpose dedicated to promoting kindness can be eligible to become a member. Obligations include organizing events for World Kindness Day (13 November) and attending the international General Assembly (AGM) which are convened every 2 years.

Envision Photograph Contest 2019

It is easy, Join the Envision photography Contest for the 2019 and win a lot more prizes, recognition and get Listed on the World Kindness Movement, no doubt your business, project and corporate image will be projected to the world on quality and

Educational Cards for Schools

Research shows that children who learn in a positive classroom context have better school experience, learn new skills at a faster pace and are happier overall.
We propose a new series of activities to bring children closer to Kindness, which can also be an occasion for playful learning in the family. The cards are fun and easy to teach.
Topics: empathy, helping others, giving thanks, being with others, sharing, solidarity, altruism, collaboration, etc

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