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Media Centre We have received Testimonials and Declarations of Support from the Office of the Prime Ministers, State Premiers and our most esteemed Vice Regal, Governor NSW, including a growing number of local government bodies/ Cities and the Lord Mayor of Sydney.

Heart Leaders 2017

Cultivating Kindness 2016

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Call To Action 2013 Message From The General Secretary

Kindness Brazil 2013

Message from Australian Prime Minister 2013 re China

Message from The Premier of NSW Australia 2014

8th General Assembly Sydney

Kindness In Business 2014

BBC Can Kindness Movements Make A Difference 2014

The courage to be kind, Inaugural NSW Parliament 2014

CTM14 Agent for Positive Change – Michael Lloyd White …

USA Youth 2014 appointed as 1st President of WKM Youth Council

World Kindness Thailand  2015 Visit to Hospital with the General Secretary

World Kindness Australia & City of Gold Coast City  Chanel 7 Weekend Sunrise 2012