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South Korea Announced To Host The 9th General Assembly 2017 (Aug 31st – Sept 3rd)

We thank all those who expressed interest to host the 9th General Assembly and the International Council is pleased to announce that the successful  bid is "Bright Smile Movement" in Seoul South Korea . This event celebrates 20 years since the movement was founded at a conference in Tokyo in 1997. The General Assembly is a 4 day event from 31st August to 3rd of September 2017 organised by the successful host nation to bring like minded individuals and organisations together to share and develop global strategies for...
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Listing as A World Kindness City

Would You Like Your City to be Officially Listed by the Peak Global Kindness Body as A "World Kindness City" or Destination? In 2015 The World Kindness Movement (WKM) has invited “Expressions of Interest” for cities seeking to receive official international endorsement and global listing as a “World Kindness City”. The World Kindness Movement Secretariat is responsible for facilitating the review and approval process for each application.  The WKM International Council approves all listings for World Kindness City applications which meet the criteria as indicated...
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